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A Homegrown Family Addition to Morpeth

Introducing: The Boydell's.

In the beautiful, historic filled town of Morpeth a new experience has arrived; introducing ‘The Boydell’s’. This beautiful cellar door and restaurant is the next venture by Daniel and Jane Maroulis with their growing family, who own and operate an incredible winery located in East Gresford.

The farm settled in 1826 and rich with history, so it’s a perfect addition to historic Morpeth. Daniel and Jane are both passionate about good wine, food and small scale production with a desire to produce really good wine ‘all the time’.

Tucked away in Green Street, the historic presence of the premises is second to none. It’s buzzing with stories of the past, a characteristic that the Boydell’s love about Morpeth.

“We read Charles Boydell's journals in the state library with lots of interest, he writes about travelling often from Paterson to Morpeth by paddle steamer. With the age of the building we imagined he would’ve visited, we believe it would of been a blacksmith at the time and this authenticity is important to us.”- Jane

The cellar door hosts a delightful spread of wines created at Boydells. The wine list with enough variety to keep any connoisseur happy and features some award winners; ‘The Lightly Sparking Verdelho’ a fresh number not to miss and their prized Pinot Noir.

The restaurant, with head chef Sheldon Black with Carla at the team are such friendly, welcoming staff that add that extra bit of 'home' to the venue. The menu caters to a range of flavours of the tongue (kids too!)., entrée’s and starters worth sharing (or not 😉) including some standouts – the kingfish ceviche or oysters.

“Our kingfish ceviche is magical with its delicate citrus flavours and pickled grapes. The fish melts in the mouth and I am loving it with our 2019 Reserve Chardonnay” -Jane

The mains come from land and sea, with vegetarian options too. From brisket, risotto and fish dishes, you can be sure you won’t leave hungry. The options of sides that are nearly as delicious as the mains are a must do! Salad options are available, which is perfect for those who like to keep it light, we recommend the pickled grape salad- it’s appealing to all the senses. The fun doesn’t even stop there as a dining experience wouldn’t be complete without desserts or a cheese platter. All dishes executed beautifully and all providing that sweet or savoury satisfaction.

The Boydell’s are all about sourcing from their local community and being from the area, they work with producers and suppliers from the surrounds. The menu features produce from Morpeth with John Wrights farm less than 100 metres away!

We have a great relationship with Wrights farm in Morpeth, their vegetables are definitely something spectacular!’

Community plays a big part in the lives of Daniel, Jane and their 4 girls with the family in small country village, community is the cohesive network that support each other.

“Community is so important, it is about belonging and being a part of something culturally rich, welcoming and so supportive. We love to give to our community, but we also get bucket loads back in return.”

Juggling family, the winery and now the cellar door and restaurant, the pair are grateful for friends and family that all play an integral part in their lives.

“We are so lucky to have so many wonderful friends and family to help when needed -some days are a juggle more than others, but we get through with a nice glass of wine at the end of the day!”

And who wouldn’t enjoy the fruits of their labour when it tastes so good?

A true community grown experience where everything is close to home, come and experience Boydell’s at Morpeth. Enjoy the cellar door tastings, gift your tastebuds with breakfast lunch or dinner, or pull up a seat in their beautiful outdoor area, grab a nice glass of wine and a nibbles plate to match and just enjoy.

Bookings: 02 4933 5862

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