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A Soup To Please (or a soup to freeze!)

Over the next few weeks we will bring you some super easy recipes to bring you into the new Autumn space!

We had one zucchini left over from the now retired plants and it was huge! Sounds crazy but this one had lasted an extra 8 weeks sitting with the root veggies. We gave it a soak and wash in apple cider vinegar and cut it up into big cubes, not sure what to do with it, until the weather change happened!

A SOUP-er easy soup to make at home with the most basic of ingredients, that tastes good, warms the heart and is a lighter than a root vegetable soup.

What you need!

A fair few Zucchinis - we would say 10-15 depending on your family size. We believe in measuring intuitively! Our Zucchini weighted 2.7kgs and we split it into 2.


A little oil

A few Garlic Cloves 1 tsp Turmeric (or two) or the root diced finely.

Some finely diced ginger or ground ginger (whatever floats your boat)

2 tsp of Tarragon or Dill (we used Tarragon)

The left over celery sitting in the bottom of the crisper

Some vegetable stock cubes, your own stock, store bought - whatever one.

Adding coconut milk or coconut cream is OPTIONAL. For this one, we didn't, we enjoyed the broth like flavour.


1. Add onion into a big pot with some oil on med-high heat and saute the tear maker.

2. Add the garlic, ginger, turmeric and tarragon and stir.

3. Add left over celery (we use the leaves too)

4. This should take 5-8 mins!

5. Add stock, you can either measure it out or just free pour hot water and measure the stock cubes or mixture into the pot. Truly it is a free pour game in the CommuniFood house hold.

6. Give that 5 minutes on the stove moving the heat to Medium.

7. Have your Zucchini's cut up ready to go and now add them in.

8. Let it all come to a boil making sure not to see it flow over. Then turn the temperature down to low for another 10-15 minutes.

9. Take it off the heat. It is usually this time for health and safety reasons we say now let it cool before you do this-so we recommend letting it 'cool'.

10. Use a stick blender and blend the entire mixture together. It should be a little stringy and broth like!

12. Add some soup mix! Split peas and legumes! So filling and yummy in soup! Return the soup to med heat for 10 minutes, stirring frequently to monitor the tenderness of the soup mix legumes.

13. When they are soft enough, take soup of heat and you can either serve it or serve it into jars and freeze it. For meat eaters out there cooking some chicken breast and shredding it through this soup is delicious or adding some Parmesan to the serving bowl is a great idea too. Add some of your favourite toasted bread and butter than WALAH! You have one yummy meal!

Like we said, super easy, simple, not to complicated. You really can't go wrong with such nutritious items and its so cost friendly!

Love us at CommuniFood

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