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Community Christmas

What you can do to spark the Christmas spirit!

Leading up to Christmas, the CommuniFood team know how busy life can get. Christmas is a spectacular time of year and an opportunity to cherish the moments you share with your family and friends. The NSW region is still in a state of chaos with fires burning and lands changing, with a lot of our farms that were listed for the end of year visits coming under threat or damaged.

In all this chaos there is some gold, communities are coming together to support one and another. Whilst Christmas draws closer and closer it is a reminder that there are those out there that have had a rough year, are doing it a little tough or will be spending Christmas alone and would benefit from a community spark.

Christmas time has evolved over the years and the amount of pressure placed on the day is astronomical! There has been studies conducted on the ‘festive stress’ proving it can be detrimental to our health. Add Christmas to the stress of the fires, rising cost of living, present purchases, shopping centre chaos, environmental crisis, drought and everything else going on; no wonder there is a different feeling this year than ever before.

As we have always encouraged, buy from your community and in last weeks blog we provided a ‘wrap’ up of where you can purchase some local good for your Christmas spread. This week, we would like to take the opportunity to ‘present’ to you some places where you can donate items, food drives and where some local community celebrations sharing food will be operating. Christmas is all about giving, sharing and feeling a part of something, so get in with your community and let’s fuel that spark of true Christmas Spirit.

The Samaritans for the 17th year running will be hosting a free Christmas Lunch with entertainment and the man in red himself will pay a visit all on the 25th of December.

Newcastle: Newcastle Foreshore 11am The Coast: Wyong Racecourse 11am Singleton: Senior Citizens Centre (Bathurst street) 11am

The Samaritans also operate a Christmas Assistance Centre offering families who are unable to afford Christmas gifts for their children, the opportunity to register for assistance and obtain gifts. They have gifts ranging from babies to teenagers. If you would like to donate please get on contact with your local centre or drop by.

Salvation Army is running an event on the 22nd at 10am the Corps & Community Sunday Celebration & Meal 67 Cleary Street, HAMILTON NSW 2303

Food Bank Australia aids hundreds of Australians during the Christmas period and after. You can choose to make a monetary donation or food donation. For food requirements please check

When purchasing gifts this year, (yes we know this isn’t food related) but our FARMERS provide our food and are doing it tough with the harsh weather conditions and drought. #BuyFromTheBush on Facebook and Instagram features goods from the boutiques that could do with some support and trust us, what they have to offer is unique and beautiful!

If you have some time and a license- why not lend a helping hand to The Smith Family. Year after year they create food hampers and distribute them to those that just need a extra boost this Christmas. If you don’t have a license- why not donate some items to fill the baskets?

If you know a family in your community that is struggling this Christmas why not create something for them? Is there someone out there that you know will be alone on Christmas day? Christmas is a time for community so why not reach out and become a cohesive network of support and share the Christmas cheer.

Everybody has something going on in their lives, so do what you can, your time is just a valuable as adding a few items to your grocery shop list. Support your community and you’ll notice it is cyclical in nature; for giving is the best type of receiving.

Until next week!


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