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The Red Start to 2020

Welcome to 2020 for CommuniFood!

There is so many intentions around the continued development of CommuniFood and this platform we are hoping to create. The Christmas period provided a break to spend with family and friends and to regroup and define further the direction that we are moving in.

From early December, we became very aware of the fire devastation and what it has done to large farms, small farms, hobby growers and just general community. These fires have not eased, instead they have escalated and taken with them the landscapes, vegetation, produce and livestock.

Moving into 2020, we have been in conversation with families and groups that we had lined up to share with you the talented beings you have in your community doing incredible things, only to discover they have been damaged in the fires or impacted in some way, which just cemented our mission, our truth and what we hope to achieve.

CommuniFood is all about bringing people together, supporting local farmers, growers and kitchen enthusiasts in your community, but also connecting these people to their surroundings and support. CommuniFood is about sharing YOU and YOUR FOOD, your love, passion and creations with the community, cooking that extra dish and sharing it with a neighbour or someone in need. CommuniFood is the idea that communities have each other’s backs. That when someone can’t provide for themselves, someone else will. CommuniFood is the cohesive network of members that work together to turn the wheel on the cycle of food and to bring it back to basics, from the dirt under your feet, the air we breath and the connection we make.

Food, next to water is a necessity. If you are able too, offer some time to volunteer food programs, or at home cook some extra meals and drop them off at places in need. This is the time to be of service. Drop off some meals to your local RFS, these incredible women and men are working tirelessly to protect what they can and support our Earth in her cry for help. If you know a family that has been impacted, reach out and lend a hand or offer some kitchen space so meals can be prepared as donation centres overflow with goods, help people prepare them. (We have added a list of links below for your use). When the fires have settled, offer some seeds, seedlings, a set of hands to help rebuild the vegetation lost. Every little bit counts.

The next stage is the restoration of our country. These fires will come to an end and that is where the truth of how we are as a national community will be exposed. How do we restore the land, build her back up so she can provide the food that nourishes us? We do it with community support, through sharing knowledge and education and not being afraid to ask the right questions when we meet obstacles from governing bodies or authorities. We are a country rich in traditional customs and indigenous knowledge, by combining the best of both our worlds, we are so capable of taking back our power and restoring Australia better than ever before.

The fires have been a wake up call, or as some may say ‘the awakening’. When we ignore the signs, practice indifference (which I believe is our biggest hurdle), the signs turn into mass events, where lives and homes are lost and habitats and animals sacrificed and tortured. We have seen the power in the ‘crowd’ when it comes to fundraising and awareness; just look at what Celeste Barber achieved! The crowd is the community- and that it US, the AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE.

At CommuniFood, we want to be apart of the change. The change in how we look at our lands, use them, tend to them and find a compromise between the industrial and ecological.

If you need help, please reach out, we will use our ‘spider web’ network to source information and aid if we can.

Be kind, support one another and ask the right questions. What do you believe in and what are we fighting for?

1. – Food Donation/ Monetary

2. The Crown and Anchor Hotel 3-6pm Sunday the 12th (Newcastle) Markets where all money will be donating to various bushfire appeals.

5. – Share your home with those in need.

7. - The foundation for regional and rural restoration

8. Spend With Them – By Turia Pitt- Just like Buy from The Bush. A great initiative to support these communities on the other side of these fires.

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